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OLC Memo: Interrogations of Detainees (undated draft)


This undated draft OLC memo summarizes OLC opinions regarding interrogation of detainees. Much of it is similar to the other OLC memos concerning the CIA's interrogation program, with several exceptions. For example, on page 2, the memo notes disagreement with the Inspector General and the CIA's Office of General Counsel "about whether OLC endorsed a set of bullet points that OGC produced in the spring of 2003, summarizing legal principles that were said to apply to interrogations of detained terrorists outside of the United States." The memo also denies that the Attorney General "approved 'expanded use of the techniques.'" Rather, it states, "the Attorney General did approve the use of approved techniques on detainees other than Abu Zubaydah, but the techniques were not otherwise 'expanded' in any way." The memo also states that "we expect demands for the release of OLC opinions that have not become public. The Department believes that these opinions should remain confidential." [OLC Vaughn Index #174]