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Vaughn Index of OLC Remand Documents, ACLU v. DOD, No. 1:04-CV-4151 (S.D.N.Y. Sept. 21, 2009)

Sept. 21, 2009 | CIA | OLC | ACLU-RDI 4995

A Vaughn Index of 171 OLC documents responsive to the ACLU's FOIA requests of October 7, 2003 and May 25, 2004. The government originally withheld 181 OLC documents in full, and Judge Hellerstein upheld those withholdings. The ACLU appealed. On April 16, 2009, while the appeal was pending, the government released 4 OLC interrogation memos to the ACLU in connection with the same FOIA requests. The government then sought remand to reprocess the original 181 OLC documents in light of the release of the 4 memos. David Barron's related delcaration (ACLU-RDI 4993) states that the OLC only found 171 of the original 181 OLC documents. The OLC reprocessed those documents and released approximately 43 of them on August 24, 2009.

This index lists the OLC documents along with the withholding decisions and brief descriptions. David Barron's and Wendy Hilton's related declarations (ACLU-RDI 4993 & 4994) explain the redaction and withholding decisions of the 171 OLC documents.

To view documents described in this index that have been released, search this database for "OLC Vaughn Index #XX," where "XX" is the document number listed on this index.