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CIA Memo re: "horizontal sleep deprivation" and the use of waterboarding in conjunction with other techniques

Apr. 22, 2005 | CIA | ACLU-RDI 4588

This document was faxed from the CIA to Steven Bradbury (OLC). It describes the CIA's technique of "horizontal sleep deprivation," wherein a detainee is placed on a large blanket on the floor and chained such that he cannot sleep. The document states that the technique is used to help the detainee to recover from the effects of the edema that sometimes occurs when the detainee has been chained standing upright for long periods of time. The document goes on to discuss waterboarding when used in conjuction with two other techniques: dietary manipulation and sleep deprivation. The document states that insult slaps, belly slaps, attention grasps, facial holds, walling, water dousing, stress positions, and cramped confinement will not be used with the waterboard but that most or all of them will have been used prior to the use of waterboarding. [OLC Vaughn Index #107]

  • Unknown date
    • "On three occasions early in the program, the interrogation team and the attendant medical officers identified the potential for unacceptable edema in the lower limbs of detainees undergoing interrogation. In order to permit the limbs to recover without impairing sleep deprivation requirements, the subjects underwent horizontal sleep deprivation."