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Letter from Scott Muller, CIA, to Jack Goldsmith, OLC, re: legal principles applicable to the CIA interrogation program

Mar. 2, 2004 | CIA-OGC | ACLU-RDI 4565

A letter from the CIA to OLC requesting that the OLC reaffirm its analyses in several previously issued memos relating to interrogation.  The letter states that "we rely on the applicable law and OLC guidance to assess the lawfulness of detention and interrogation techniques."  The letter also sets forth the CIA's views on "three additional interrogation techniques, and two uses of water not involving the waterboard."  The two uses of water are water "pouring, flicking, or tossing" (PFT) and water dousing.  The "three additional interrogation techniques" appear to be redacted.  [OLC Vaughn Index #22]