After September 11, 2001, U.S. officials authorized the cruel treatment and torture of prisoners held in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo, and the CIA's secret prisons overseas.

This database documents the U.S. government's official experiment with torture. At present, the database contains well over 100,000 pages of government documents obtained primarily through Freedom of Information Act litigation and requests filed by the ACLU, and through litigation of Salim v. Mitchell, a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of the survivors and the family of a dead victim of the CIA torture program. To learn more about the database, please read the About and Search Help pages. If you're a developer, you can also access this data through our API.

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An investigation into alleged aggravated assault, cruelty, and maltreatment of an Iraqi prisoner by U.S. forces.  The detainee stated that he was held at the "Disco" (a detention facility in Mosul, Iraq) for approximately one ...

This CID Report investigates numerous allegations of abuse that occurred in September and November of 2003 in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison. Included in the file is the testimony of detainee victims and members of the 372nd Military Police ...

This CID investigation relates to allegations of prisoner maltreatment and abuse by an Iraqi individual captured on July 22, 2004. The detainee alleges he was abused by members of the CIA while being held in a small room at an unknown location ...

Oct. 01, 2008
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Physical assault, Threat, Assault/death
Criminal Investigation Command (CID) report into allegations of assault, cruelty and maltreatment of a detainee by guards at Abu Ghraib. Among the detainee's allegations, he stated that a US Army Sergeant hung him by his arms from the bars of a ...
Memo relating six records of detainee-related offenses between October 2001 and July 2004 at Guantanamo Bay. Some facts and all names are redacted. Accusations in the records are of assault, battery, verbal harassment, dereliction of improper ...
Nov. 30, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Chart/List

A detainee claims to have been assaulted while in custody at Camp Al Baghdadi. The detainee had his injuries substantiated and the conclusion of the report was that the detainee was abused. The report found that the detainee was handcuffed and ...

Sept. 20, 2005
Investigative File (CID)
General, Stress positions, Dietary manipulation, Physical assault
CID Report in to the Tigris River Incident, Samarra, Iraq, January 3, 2004. Charges were brought against ten (10) soldiers for their participation in the actions that led to the death of Mr. Fadhil and the cover up that took place after his ...
Sept. 20, 2005
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Pamela Andrews
Zaydun Ma'mun Fadhil
Physical assault, General
CID report of investigation into the circumstances leading to a detainee entering a vegetative/comatose state. The report states that the detainee was apprehended on July 23, 2003 as a high priority target, and that he was detained in Kirkuk and ...
July 30, 2005
Investigative File (CID)
Sadiq Zoman
A JAG Officer is requesting information from a fellow JAG Officer in preparation of a Capitol Hill briefing on JAG prosecutions of detainee abuse worldwide. A specific case involving the death by shooting of a detainee by a soldier at a detention ...
Mar. 23, 2005
General, Physical assault

An email between members of the Staff Judge Advocate, forwarding a Washington Post article titled "Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds," from August 30, 2004.