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This email is a follow-up on an earlier email seeking clearance on a cable concerning military commissions.

Email includes news articles about high level detainees, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah and the "harsh" interrogation methods the CIA employs. The email includes another article, which reports specific accounts of abuse.

Emails discuss revisions to a document. [Document not included].
State Department email from JoAnn Dolan to Jonathan B. Schwartz and Samuel M. Witten with a draft attachment and a comment "Attached is a draft IM on the court cases yesterday"
Email from David P. Stewart to James Hergan, Ronald J. Bettauer, Gilda M. Brancato and Others re: Lawyers Against Torture. Email states that some of the recipients' good friends are signatories of a Lawyers Against Torture statement.