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Email from Robert Harris forwarding an email with and attached news article entitled "Pentagon Report set framework for use of torture."
Emails between Gilda Brancato, Ronald W. Miller, Jonathan M. Crock, JoAnn Dolan, Sarah E. Prosser, Waldo W. Brooks, Edward R. Cummings, Robert K. Harris, Katherine M. Gorove and Michael G. Kozak with drafts on letters concerning Guantanamo ...
Email from June C. Perry to Michael G. Kozak re: Draft Report from AHCHR
Dec. 17, 2004
June Carter-Perry
Michael G. Kozak
Michael G. Kozak
Emails between June C. Perry, Katherine L. Starr, Mark P. Lagon and Others re: State Final Press Guidance on Ramcharan Human Rights Report on Iraq. Ms. Perry's comments to Ms. Starr are "Great work, Kate."