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This is a series of forwarded emails of a news article from Radio Free Asia (RFA) entitled "Powell Says U.S. Won't Send Uyghurs Back to China." Messages between recipients have been redacted. The comments of the mail recipients is redacted.
Emails between Ronald W. Miller and Christopher N. Camponovo in response to a query by the Mexico City Embassy requesting information on children detained at Guantanamo. Mr. Miller responds that the DoD will only acknowledge that all detainees at ...
Dec. 17, 2004
Ronald W. Miller
Christopher N. Camponovo
Ronald W. Miller, Christopher N. Camponovo
Email from David P. Stewart to James Hergan, Ronald J. Bettauer, Gilda M. Brancato and Others re: Lawyers Against Torture. Email states that some of the recipients' good friends are signatories of a Lawyers Against Torture statement.