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This memo is from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Units (BAU) discussing how the interrogation of suspected Al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects was proceeding. The memo states "several discussions were held to determine the most effective means of ...
First page of an FBI Memo entitled " GTMO-INTEL GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA OO:MIAMI MAJOR CASE 188".
This memo is describing the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit's (BAU) On-Site Assessment of Interview Process at Guantanamo in 2002. It notes that other U.S. government entities have conducted behavioral assessments at Guantanamo. Enclosed is a BAU ...
FBI memo documenting Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) assistance and challenges encountered during TDY assignment in Guantanamo.
Dec. 15, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Hector M. Pesquera
Hector M. Pesquera, Frankie Battle
An FBI memo regarding the Behavioral Analysis Unit's (BAU) assistance and challenges at Guantanamo. The memo is almost entirely redacted.