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Handwritten note. The name Dave Nahmias, DOJ is readable. Also, the Pentagon is mentioned. Contents Completely Redacted.
Feb. 06, 2006
David E. Nahmias
David E. Nahmias
Email from Joseph Jones to Rena Cornisac, Adam Isles, Julie Samuels, Patrick Rowan, David Nahmias, Bruce Swartz, Peter B. Owen, and Terrie Johnson following an email chain. The subject line reads "Briefing Papers" and the text is entirely redacted.
Emails between Mark Corallo, Bryan Sierra, David Nahmias, and others with the subject line "Passaro". The text of the email chain is entirely redacted.

Text entirely redacted. Subject: Fwd: Legal Issues re: Guantanamo Bay. [The recipient "Mary Bowman" is likely Marion Bowman, a deputy general counsel in the FBI.]

Oct. 15, 2004
Jeffrey Harp
David E. Nahmias | Marion E. Bowman
Jeffrey Harp, David E. Nahmias, Marion E. Bowman

Heavily redacted email thread re "potential torture involving Iraqi detainees".

The email presents an attachment containing bullets on possible prosecution of the Iraqi prison abuses and a brief outline of MEJA [Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act].
Oct. 15, 2004
Jerry R. DeMaio
David E. Nahmias | Barry Sabin
Jerry R. DeMaio, Barry Sabin, David E. Nahmias
Document fully redacted.
Oct. 15, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Teresa L. McHenry
David E. Nahmias | Laura Parsky | Barry Sabin
Teresa L. McHenry, David E. Nahmias, Laura H. Parsky, Barry Sabin