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FBI Memo displays a table with approximately six cases, with a summary of facts. The sum of the cases discuss allegations of fraud and abuse. One case discusses an allegation of fraud and the fact that the FBI and DCIS are conducting ...
Dec. 15, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Michael P. Sullivan
Robert A. Spencer, Thomas H. McQuillan, Michael P. Sullivan, Darlene Hooley
Memo includes investigations into allegations of prisoner abuse in Iraq, but since there is no FBI jurisdiction in the matter, the information was to be turned over to DOD for appropriate action; Impersonation (Afghanistan torture case) - This ...
Dec. 15, 2004
Investigative File
Michael P. Sullivan
Robert A. Spencer, Michael P. Sullivan, Alex J. Turner
Manipulation of interrogator’s identity, Other
David A. Passaro was a contractor working on behalf of CIA, indicted in relation to interrogation techniques that resulted in death of a detainee, Abdul Wali, in Afghanistan. The indictment alleges that Passaro "beat Adbul Wali, using his hands ...
Oct. 15, 2004
Judicial (Pleading)
Frank D. Whitney | James A. Candelmo | Michael P. Sullivan
David A. Passaro, Frank D. Whitney, James A. Candelmo, Michael P. Sullivan
Abdul Wali
Physical assault, General