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State Department memo re: Detainees: Policy and Status. Completely redacted except for "Abu Ghraib: Multiple DoD investigations are currently underway. To date, one of the seven soldiers originally accused of crimes has faced a Special Court ...
Email from Henry Bisharat to Betsy Anderson forwarding an article by the Associated Press re: "Swedish Man Is Released From Guantanamo." Mr. Bisharat comments are synopsizing the article and stating that he also heard Foreign Minister Freivalds ...
Emails discuss talking points for use by the U.S. expert on the Committee Against Torture, discussing what the U.S. will say in response to prisoner abuses in Iraq. Talking points included.
DOS Cable discusses the transfer for release of detainees at Guantanamo Bay (GTMO). It states that the detainee's host governments are willing to accept the nationals. The names and countries of the detainees are listed, but redacted.
DOS Letter to U.S. Representative, Ike Skelton, regarding the International Committee of the Red Cross' (ICRC) report, which contains allegations of detainee mistreatment in Iraq.
Emails between DOS Officials discussing the return of control to Iraq, particularly their control over prisons.