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Email forwarded from Evan Bloom to David Bowker with an attachment concerning foreign access to the Guantanamo detainees.
State Department talking points memo entitled: Guantanamo: U.S. Policy on Detainees - May 5, 2003. The memo states: A process is underway to reach a final determination on all detainees. Each detainee will be prosecuted or continue to be detained ...
State Department cover sheet for a document from the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs entitled "PM Cover Sheet" with Log Number: #106 and designating the Secretary of State as the recipient. The subject title is "Detainee Issues". There is ...
These emails concern the coordination of the State Department’s resources in transferring operations of the Joint Interagency Interrogation functions to a new command that will be headed by MG Dunleavy. The new Joint Task Force (JTF-170) will ...
State Department Bureau of Political-Military Affairs cover sheet. No attachment.
Email stating that CWG had spoken with SOUTHCOM about arrangements for access to Guantanamo detainees. It states that once OSD clears the visit request, SOUTHCOM would block off a week for each group to visit.  It notes that SOUTHCOM was aware of ...
Nov. 23, 2004
Gregory M. Suchan, Peter G. Schmeelk , Brent E. Blaschke
This email contains a forwarded email from Linda Watt, Foreign Policy Advisor, SOUTHCOM, about the construction of the detainee facilities at Guantanamo. It states how many detainees will be housed there and the expectation of the resumption of ...
This State Department memo provides breakdown by nationality of 27 Bagram detainees; states that “Bagram is a temporary ‘collection center’ where some detainees stop over en route to their permanent location.  The conditions at Bagram are ...
Nov. 23, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Gregory M. Suchan
Gregory M. Suchan, Richard Lee Armitage
This State Department cable provides talking points concerning informing foreign governments about the transfer of their citizens/nationals to Guantanamo after they were picked-up on the battle field of Afghanistan. The information is on the ...
Nov. 23, 2004
Colin L. Powell
Brent E. Blaschke
Brent E. Blaschke , Colin L. Powell, Debra L. Cagan, Gregory M. Suchan
These emails are between State department officials concerning requests for access to Guantanamo. The emails are largly redacted and the actual requests, who is making the request and the reply as to the requests is not available.
Nov. 23, 2004
Gregory M. Suchan
Brent E. Blaschke | Timothy J. Dunn
Brent E. Blaschke , Timothy J. Dunn, Gregory M. Suchan