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This memo refers to the CIA Office of Inspector General's investigation into the "facts and circumstances surrounding the death in U.S. custody of Iraqi detainee Manadal Al-Jamaidi. Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Mona B. ...

Mar. 15, 2013
Non-legal Memo
Mona B. Alderson
Christopher A. Wray | Bruce Swartz
Mona B. Alderson, Christopher A. Wray, Bruce Swartz, Barry Sabin
Manadel Al-Jamadi
Memo discusses the FBI's objections and concerns regarding the military's interrogation tactics in Afghanistan, Guantanamo and Iraq. The memo states that in late 2002 and continuing into mid-2003, the Behavioral Analysis Unit raised concerns ...
May 18, 2005
Non-legal Memo
Geoffrey D. Miller, Christopher A. Wray
SERE, Physical assault, General

Text fully redacted. Email Subject: Wolf Letter

An email that includes the final version of [Senator Patrick] Leahy's response letter.
Fax cover sheet for a letter regarding Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. The attached letter is redacted.
Oct. 15, 2004
Christopher A. Wray
William J. Haynes, II
William J. Haynes, II, Christopher A. Wray

Two emails that are almost fully redacted, one of which includes an attachment entitled "Iraq_Detainees-AGRefers."