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This document appears to be a scan of business cards for two government employees: U.S. Army Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, George R. Fay, and one unknown employee of the DOD Office of General Counsel. In addition to the two cards, the ...
Jan. 14, 2014
Eliana Davidson
Cover page for document to be delivered to administration personnel concerning the January 22, 2004 PCC meeting on detainees.
June 08, 2005
Non-legal Memo
Bruce Swartz, Pierre-Richard Prosper, JoAnn J. Dolan, William Howard Taft, IV, Eliana Davidson, John B. Wiegmann
State Department cover sheet for delivery of documents re: PCC Meeting on Detainees
NSC Fax Cover Sheet re: Agenda for Thursday, June 20, 2002. No additional comments. No attachments.
White House Fax Cover Sheet re: Summary of Conclusions for 11-10-03 PCC on Detainees. No additional information. No attachments.
This document consists of seven (7) fax cover sheets from the State Department to State Department Officials concerning Prosecution and Detention of Al-Qaeda and Taliban Detainees. No attachments or details of the underlying fax documents.
Routing and tranmittal cover sheets from December 2001 though February 2002 re: Detainee Detention Flow Charts. No attachements
State Department email forwarded by JoAnn Dolan from Robert Harris concerning Human Rights Watch report critical of U.S. Action in Afghanistan. Mr. Harris' email has the comment "Human Rights Watch in the past few days issued a highly critical ...
Army Memo re: April 10, 2002 Meeting with the International Committee of the Red Cross. Contents redacted.
This email from JoAnn Dolan forwards a letter received by the U.S. Mission from an attorney representing a Guantanamo Detainee. The letter requests that the detainee be given access to counsel and to have the charges and legal justification for ...