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FBI memo cover page re: On-site Behavioral Assessment of Interview Process at Guantanamo Bay. No additional pages attached.
Memo synopsis indicates that the memo discusses the CIRG/BAU's assessment of the interview process in GTMO. Also, it reads that the has a "Copy of a Letterhead Memorandum (LHM), suitable for dissemination to outside agencies" enclosed.
Email is to report a serious report of Detainee abuse. No details given.
FBI memo from CIRG to the Director's Office of Counterterrorism that provides documentation of CIRG/BAU on-site assessment of the interview process at GTMO.
This memo also includes a table and emails. The general synopsis of the memo is it provides the statement of an SA's observations while at Abu Graib Prison. In the memo, SA states that during his time at the "Abu Graib Prison his role was to only ...
This memo is describing the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit's (BAU) On-Site Assessment of Interview Process at Guantanamo in 2002. It notes that other U.S. government entities have conducted behavioral assessments at Guantanamo. Enclosed is a BAU ...
FBI email regarding a proposed Electronic Communication (EC) memo dealing with the treatment of detainees. Heavily redacted.
Email details FBI investigation of mistreatment, abuse or "highly aggressive" treatment of detainees in Iraq that are known or observed by FBI agents who have cycled through Guantanamo. The email states that fourteen (14) agents have witnessed ...
FBI email attaching report that provides details from an individual who observed serious physical abuses of civilian detainees in Iraq.