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This is the Autopsy Report of Fawaz Badaa Najem, a detainee at the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility (BCCF), Abu Ghraib, Baghdad, Iraq, It is reported that Mr. Najem was found by another detainee gasping for air. The Report states that Mr. ...
Jan. 14, 2011
Medical (Autopsy)
Fawaz Badaa Najem
Autopy no: ME04-434; Fawaz Badaa Najem, a 42 year old male Iraqi civilian, was in US custody at Abu Ghraib. Be began making gasping sounds which awoke another detainee. The decedent was found to be unresponsive and pulseless. Resuscitation ...
Apr. 18, 2005
Medical (Autopsy, Death Certificate)
Fawaz Badaa Najem
Physical assault
Detainees brought Fawaz Badaa Najem's body to gate at Abu Ghraib during the night after hearing him gasping. He had been otherwise well and had no medical history. The investigation established probable cause to believe that detainee Najem died ...
Mar. 02, 2005
Investigative File (CID)
Fawaz Badaa Najem