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OLC Memo: Status of Interrogation Advice

Sept. 1, 2004 | OLC | ACLU-RDI 4584

An OLC memo from Daniel Levin (Acting Assistant Attorney General) to John Ashcroft (Attorney General) and James Comey (Deputy Attorney General), updating them on the status of interrogation advice. The letter contains sections for general advice and advice specific to the CIA. In the CIA section, it discusses the following limits on waterboarding: "no more than two sessions a day; sessions on no more than 5 out of 30 days; sessions last no more than 2 hours each; no single application can exceed 40 seconds and no more than 6 applications exceeding 10 seconds in any one session; no more than 12 minutes total application per day." The document also addresses whether the CIA's actions would "shock the conscience, if that standard applies." The answer to this question is redacted. The letter also makes mention of "24 specific techniques" which were approved for use by the DOD. [OLC Vaughn Index #89]