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Emails between Valerie Caproni, Chris Swecker, Gary Bald and Others re: Abuses at Abu Ghraib

May 13, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 2849
Email thread discussing possibility of FBI abuse at Abu Ghraib. One email says "Bottom line is FBI personnel have not been involved in any methods of interrogation that deviate from our policy [redacted]. The specific guidance we have given has always been no Miranda, otherwise follow FBI/DOJ policy just as you would in your field office. Use common sense. Utilize our methods that are proven [redacted]." One email asks whether "anyone from the FBI had first hand knowledge of any abuses at Abu G prison. If so, how did we handle it[?] I know that we have been made aware of allegations in the past, but I do not know of any instance where we had to make a referral." Chris Swecker writes on 04/30/04 that he "did not observe or hear of any such abuse" though he "traveled to Abu G many times" and "did observe that the entire facility was very understaffed."