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The document is an internal FBI memorandum, regarding an urgent report about special jurisdiction matters in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The report includes information about pending investigations into the use of highly aggressive interrogation ...
June 15, 2011
Non-legal Memo
Chris Swecker
Chris Swecker, Valerie E. Caproni, Thomas J. Harrington, Donald J. Ryder
An email sent to Executive Assistant Directors and Assistant Directors at FBIHQ asking for materials relevant to the ACLU's FOIA request of documents/records created from 9/12/2004 to 5/25/2004 that pertain to the treatment of detainees held ...
Emails discussed possible abuse in Abu Grarib prison. M.C. Briese stated he did not witness any mistreatment, however, stated Abu Graib was understaffed. Also, referred Caproni to CJIS and HRT management, explaining those offices spent a great ...

Emails between Frankie Battle, MC Briese, Valerie Caproni, TJ Harrington re: DOD Guidelines when serving in Iraq. Several FBI agents who served are mentioned.

Email from Mark Mershon alerts Chris Swecker about a report of an unspecified matter of detainee abuse.
Email is a follow-up on a report of cases involving the UN Oil for Food program. Chris Swecker replys and states: "They are standing down on opening a case and are conferring with the military".
May 18, 2005
Laura M. Laughlin
Valerie E. Caproni
Laura M. Laughlin, Valerie E. Caproni, Chris Swecker
Emails between Valerie Caproni, Eleni Kalisch and Others re: Potential New Iraq Public Corruption Case

Cable summarizes the results of 14 interviews of FBI personnel who participated in detainee interviews at Abu Ghraib between October and December 2003. Attached to the cable is a classified chart of FBI personnel who conducted interviews at ...