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Formica Report Annex 83: Statement of Colonel, DCO in Charge of Detention Facilities re: Treatment of Family of Iraqi Detainees at Abu Ghraib Prison

June 28, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2572
Sworn statement by a Colonel with authority over detainee operations. He addresses the situation concerning an Iraqi family (2 Brothers & 1 Sister) that was arrested, detained and interrogated at Abu Ghrtaib prison. The Colonel states, "I'm satisfied with the procedures, although there were a couple of blips." Refers to some incidents of alleged abuse: first, a detainee who "had some skin missing off his knees" due to kneeling for an extended period of time on gravel; "the kneeling on gravel was discontinued." Second, a detainee with "evidence on his shins which could have been burns," but were found to be due to a preexisting medical condition. Refers to a series of emails discussing chain of command. Also mentions the death of a detainee; "the preliminary finding ... was that the detainee died of a heart attack while in custody" around April 3rd. States, "I don't have any concerns of how CJSOTF conducted detainee operations"; "the only concern I have is the elevated techniques. Are you using the correct IROE [Interrogation Rules of Engagement].... We did everything necessary to make sure everybody was aware of what's going on at least in legal channels."