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Army Detainee Operations Report: DOD Questionnaire of Official re: Detainee Operations

Mar. 10, 2004 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 1386
Questionnaire asked the official a series of questions regarding soldier training, soldier morale and the treatment of detainees. When asked to describe training and preparation prior to deployment, official responded, "None-no fit testing...supplies difficult to acquire... ." Official also described the conditions of the facility, official stated that collection points/internment facilities had, "rats," "garbage," that they were "[d]rinking H20 next to sewage drain-feces around site." When asked about evaluating detainees' medical conditions, interviewee responded "Not showing up from other facilities records. No record of [illegible] or guidance on what to give... ." There have been "[d]elays b/c of security for convoy" in getting medical treatment to detainees. Also, responded that "procedures for repatriation of sick and wounded detainees" is "slow." The medical staff was "too small." In offering personal observations of detainee treatment, officer stated, "Non-lethal GSW- inside wire- riots [redacted]... Used at too close a range-significant wounds." [Handwriting illegible] [content redacted].