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Army Memo: 4th Infantry Division Detainee Operations Assessment Trip Report (CONUS Team)

Apr. 5, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 1343
This report by a DAIG Team interviewed 24 individuals and conducted 4 sensing sessions consisting of 23 Soldiers. All Soldiers interviewed and sensed were given surveys to assess factors associated with combat stress. The inspection took place over a 4 day period, 5-8 April 2004. The soldiers interviewed either led or participated in detainee interrogations. This report was conducted in accordance with the Secretary of the Army's directive to uncover the extent of detainee abuse and mistreatment while in U.S. custody. The investigators interviewed soldiers as to what knowledge, if any, they had regarding detainee maltreatment or abuse. Several soldiers related incidents where they witnessed detainee abuse and reported that abuse up the chain-of-command. If a detainee appeared to have been abused, the soldier would document the incident, and a picture would be taken of the detainee’s injuries. This report is extensive and interviews numerous soldiers and their commanders
  • Unknown date, Unknown, Iraq, Death
    • Memo discusses an inspection by a DAIG Team, consisting of 2 U.S. Army Inspectors General and 2 augmentees. The inspection (interviewing soldiers about the interrogations they led or participated in) "was conducted in accordance with the Secretary of the Army's directive and objectives." [redacted] was aware of two incidents that were reported. First, involved a Military Intelligence Battalion soldier who shot and killed a detainee. "The detainee was hand cuffed, with wire around the detainee and the wire was inside a building. The Soldier had his weapon the detainee made a move to cross the wire and the Soldier shot and killed the detainee." The second incident involved two soldiers from the 1/8 infantry battalion. "The Soldiers stopped two Iraqi at a check point and crushed the Iraqi car. The Soldiers then took the Iraqis to a power dam and made the Iraqis jump into the water. One of the Iraqi got away and the other one drown."