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Article 32 Proceedings re: Transcript of Hearing Concerning the Matter of Specialist Timothy F. Canjar

Aug. 27, 2003 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 1321
This Article 32 proceeding concerns a hearing where defense request for witnesses, discovery, and general procedures for the Article 32 hearing were covered. The hearing was to present the charges to the accused; to determine thoroughly, and impartially, all of the relevant facts of the case; to weigh and evaluate those facts; and determine the truth of the matters in the charges and if they are sufficient to proceed to the next procedure in the court martial process. Spc. Canjar was represented by counsel and was given an opportunity to address the court in an opening statement or to remain silent. Witnesses were sworn in and gave testimony as to what they observed relevant to the charges against Spc. Canjar. The transcript is a verbatim transcript of the proceeding, but is abruptly ended, mid-sentence on the last page of the document. The continuation of this transcript is found in the ACLU RDI documents that are in sequence following this document.