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Court-Martial: Specialist Timothy F. Canjar (Verbatum Record of Trial Included)

Nov. 15, 2003 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 1320
This is the Court Martial record of Specialist Timothy F. Canjar. It includes the charges against Spc. Canjar and his plea(s) as well as. Spc. Canjar was charged with: 1) dereliction of duty; 2) maltreatment of detainees (4 counts); 3) intent to deceive by making a false official statement; 4) abuse of a detainee (4 counts); 5) impeding an investigation; and 6) conspiracy to obstruct justice Notes that proceedings were terminated January 7, 2004 with all charges and specifications referred withdrawn and dismissed with prejudice, with all rights, privileges and property that was deprived during the pendency of the charges restored.