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Court-Martial: First Lieutenant Glenn A. Niles, Jr. Vol. I of II (Verbatim Record of Trial Included)

July 1, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 964
First Lieutenant Glenn A. Niles, Jr. assaulted three (3) detainees at Al Taji Police Station, Baghdad on July 30, 2003. He admitted to striking two (2) detainees in the stomach with a closed fist and kicking the third in the shoulder. A petition for clemency noted that the detainees had attempted to escape from detention by knocking a hole in the wall of the facility, the detainees had not been injured and the entire incident lasted 5 seconds. 1LT Niles was sentenced to a reprimand and forfeiture of $1003 pay permonth for 12 months.