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Taguba Report Annex 68: Testimony of Captain James G. Jones, Commander, 229th Military Police Company

Feb. 10, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 274
Testimony of Captain James G. Jones, Commander, 229th Military Police Company. Captain Jones described his background and how his unit was assigned to Iraq. He then offered the following: "I let everyone know that, although we were there to provide security, everyone needed to show restraint, when interacting with the prisoners. I instructed my leaders to ensure that all soldiers understood the big picture including the Geneva Convention and humane treatment of the detainees”. “We received a tasking from the Battalion, to provide personnel for external security for the two compounds at Camp Ganci. We were tasked with providing personnel to operate external security, the Internal Reaction Force (IRF), and prisoner escorts for all of these compounds”. “I am aware of three incidents of detainee abuse inside of the entire complex. My company was not involved in any of the abuse. They did witness some of it though. One of these was inside Ganci, one was in the hard site, and the third one was in a common area”. “My soldier did report the incident in the common area in August." He then added "The prisoners' living conditions are abysmal. I don't know how they're not rioting every day. There was a major riot, toward the end of November. I point to that, specifically, in how the Battalion's soldiers showed great restraint, in trying to resolve a situation with less-than-lethal force." The interview was then concluded.