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White Memo from President Bush to the Vice President and Others re: Humane Treatment of Al Qaeda and Taliban Detainees

Feb. 7, 2002 | WH | ACLU-RDI 201
This is a memo from President Bush to the Vice President and other key administration personnel stating that "none of the provisions of Geneva apply to our conflict with al Qaeda in Afghanistan or elsewhere throughout the world because, among other reasons, al Qaeda is not a High Contracting Party to Geneva." And that “Art. 3 of Geneva Conventions does not apply to either al Qaeda or Taliban detainees (who are also deemed to be "unlawful combatants" as opposed to POWs.) But calls for humane treatment to detainees, including those who are not legally entitled to such treatment. As a matter of policy, the United States Armed Forces shall continue to treat detainees humanely and, to the extent appropriate and consistent with military necessity, in a manner “consistent with the principles of Geneva."