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Army Memo re: Operational Memorandum 007-04, Documentation and Utilization of ISN Numbers within CID ROI's

Aug. 13, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 168
This document is a memo to file for the Criminal Investigation Division to establish a policy concerning the entering aliases or other names used to identify individuals within the ROI. The memo states “Aliases are not restricted to names and will include other unique identification numbers such as internment serial number's (ISN). The documentation of detained personnel within theaters of operation as subjects and victims of ROI's has caused the need for standardization of documenting the ISN as a valid form of identification. The ISN is a unique identification number assigned to each Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW), Retained Person (RP) and Civilian Internee (CI) taken into custody of the U.S. Armed Forces.”