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Army Memo re: ALCID Memorandum 015-02, Chapter 4 (Administration of Investigations), CID Regulation 195-1, Criminal Investigation Operational Procedures, 1 January 2002

Apr. 3, 2002 | CID | ACLU-RDI 165
This document is a memo to file for the Criminal Investigation Division to clarify existing guidance concerning the initiation of reports of investigations regarding abuse of prisoners and detainees in deployed situations. Policy revision ALCID Memorandum 015-02, Chapter 4; 4-40 (d) Initiation of ROls in Deployment Situations directs that all allegations of criminal acts or war crimes committed by or against EPW/RP/CI/OD be reported to CID; all persons captured, detained, interned or otherwise held in US Armed Forces custody will be given humanitarian care and treatment from the moment they fall into the hands of the U.S. forces until final release.; inhumane treatment of EPW, CI, RP, and OD is prohibited and cannot be justified by the stress of combat or by deep provocation. All prisoners, detainees, and internees will receive humane treatment without regard to race, nationality, religion, political opinion, sex or other criteria.