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Schmidt-Furlow Report Enclosure 23: Summarized Witness Statement

Jan. 10, 2005 | DOA | SOUTHCOM | ACLU-RDI 2345
In a summarized witness statement, the Joint Interrogation Group (JIG) Chief at Guantanamo Bay discusses a variety of incidents of abuse alleged to have taken place under his command. With respect to interrogators' impersonation of FBI agents, he states that the practice was "discussed . . . and stopped." He was "aware" that a LTC was reprimanded for her involvement in the "lap dance incident"; he states that she was "one of the best interrogators." The JIG Chief was not aware of the use of military working dogs in interrogations. He does point out that "fear up" is a proper and authorized interrogation technique. The witness was also asked about incidents involving inappropriate use of duct tape, inappropriate use of loud music and/or yelling, sleep deprivation, short-shackling, inappropriate use of extreme temperatures during interrogation, and simulated menstrual fluid. Any discussion of these allegations of abuse is absent or redacted.