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NCIS Report (Death): 12OCT05-MEBJ-0700-7HMA/C; Faisel Kurdi Serhan, Ar Ramadi area of Operations, October 9, 2005

Oct. 12, 2005 | NCIS | ACLU-RDI 5793
This is an NCIS investigation into the death of Faisel Kurdi Serhan, and Iraqi civilian who died while being placed in to custody by soldiers of Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 172th Infantry Regiment, US Nat. Guard stationed at Camp Ramadi, Iraq. Mr. Serhan was stopped in a vehicle with two (2) other men after being observed placing Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs) on the roadside in Ar Ramadi. According to the soldiers, an AK-47 and IED bomb making material & detonators were found in the vehicle. As the soldiers began to search the men, Mr. Serhan would not submit to a pat-down, made an attempt to take a soldier's rifle, and then ran off. The soldier's believed Mr. Serhan was in possession of either a weapon or a detonator for the IEDs in the vehicle, so they shot and killed him. This file contains a Report of Investigative Action (Oct. 12, 2005) detailing the contacts with Charlie Medical Corps (Charlie Med) at Camp Ramadi, Iraq to recover Mr. Serhan's body. After a search of the records from the intake of Enemy killed in action (EKIA), it was determined that "no enemy killed in action (EKIA) were brought to [Charlie Med]" or recovered on October 9, 2005, nor did they have any information on Mr. Serhan. It was reported that Mr. Serhan's body was left in the street for "approximately eight hours" but nobody observed who eventually moved the body. Also included in this Report is the Mission Checklist for Alpha Co., 3rd Battalion, 173th Inf. Reg., the unit that participated in the incident. Attachments redacted under NCIS Deleted Page Information Sheet.