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FBI Memo re: Interview Notes from FBI Agents Who Toured Through Guantanamo Bay and Possible Detainee Abuse

Sept. 15, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 4893
FBI memo from interviewing FBI agents who toured through Camp Delta, Camp X-Ray and the Naval Brig at Guantanamo. The agents stated that they witnessed several acts of abuse and the memo provides their accounts in detail. Memo notes the techniques described are inconsistent with FBI/DOJ policy on interviews and interrogations. Handwritten notes of visit in ACLU RDI 4895 and email ACLU RDI 4896 and ACLU RDI 4897.
  • Unknown date, Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo
    • FBI agent touring the Naval Brig at Guantanamo observed a detainee [name and ISN redacted] held in a darkened isolation cell. This detainee was then held at Camp X-Ray in a Plywood hut, and at some point, a Koran was placed in front of the detainee's hut and a USMC Captain "squatted" over the Koran as a sign of disrespect. The agent then stated this detainee was subjected to a growling, aggressive German Sheppard dog as a method of intimidation.

  • Unknown date, Camp Delta, Guantanamo
    • FBI agent touring Guantanamo stated that while at Camp Delta, during an interrogation, he was brought to another part of the facility to witness "something" by another officer. The agent was taken to an interrogation room where he observed a detainee with a full beard whose head had been wrapped in duct tape.