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Fay Report Annex: Statement of Major General Geoffrey D. Miller re: Operations and Conditions at Abu Ghraib Prison

June 19, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 801
Major General Geoffrey D. Miller's sworn statement. Stated that he was in D.C. briefing the Deputy Secretary of Defense in May 2003 when he met with MG Ron Burgess and spoke with him about Joint Task Force-Guantanamo (JTF GTMO) assisting with intelligence, interrogation and detention in Iraq. After US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) issued a Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) to that effect, Miller and his team departed for Iraq. Noted that operations at JTF GTMO greatly differed from Combined Joint Task Force 7 (CJTF-7) operations as the latter were conducted under the provisions of Geneva Conventions 3 and 4. Noted, "The operations at JTFG GTMO conducted detention and interrogation of enemy combatants. JTF GTMO adhered to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions except where military necessity dictated as directed by the Nov 01 Presidential Directive." Recorded discussions with Fast, Sanchez and Pappas. Stated that he recommended written interrogation policies for CJTF-7 and that "we provide the [Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)] approved interrogation authorities from JTF GTMO to CJTF-7 legal staff." Added "we never used dogs for interrogations while I was in command of JTF GTMO," and that to the best of his knowledge JTF GTMO never utilized removal of clothing as an interrogation technique over the period (12 Dec 02 to 15 Jan 03) for which SECDEC had approved this technique for use.