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Fay Report Annex: Statement of Major General Barbara G. Fast re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Prison

July 20, 2004 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 808

[Partially unreadable] Interview of MG Barbara G. Fast's July 20, 2004 Statement re: AG. Interviewed by LTG Jones and MG Fay. Fay explained there was pressure for interrogators to perform, but stated did not believe there was pressure to exceed authority. Fay stated that she was not aware that Sanchez had appointed Pappas to the Forward Operating Base Cdr until the FRAGO was released. Recalled being told by Pappas about the death of a detainee during an OGA interrogation on November 4, 2003. Recalling that Pappas sought her "counsel." She stated that she advised Pappas to have an Army doctor examine the detainee and that an investigation into the death needed to be initiated. Also provided that upon knowledge of the detainee abuse, she notified JAG, on the evening of December 2, 2005. She also provided that the unit involved was not a part of "our organization."