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DOS Memo: Re: Suicide of Three (3) Guantanamo Bay Detainees on June 10, 2006: Biographical Information, June 10, 2006

June 10, 2006 | SOUTHCOM | ACLU-RDI 5841
This document is a Department of Defense (DOD) Memo discussing the apparent suicide of three (3) Guantanamo Bay detainees on June 10, 2006. The detainees: Yasser Al Zahrani, Mana Shaman Allabardi Al Tabi and Ali Abdullah Ahmed apparently took their own lives by hanging while in their cells. The detainees apparently coordinated their suicides. All the dead detainees were previous "Hunger Strikers" at the facility. This Memo is Biographical information on the name, age, country of origin of three (3) detainees. Photographs of each detainee are redacted. Mr. Al Zahrani's suicide note stated "I have turned in my Koran so you would not insult it. Now I am turning in my body and sacred area so you would not insult it."