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DOS Cable re: Talking Points when Addressing Issue of Camerman Detained at Guantanamo

Oct. 2, 2002 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 4018
This State Department cable is a set of talking points to address the issue of a cameraman who is allegedly detained at Guantanamo. The cable refers to two (2) letters; 1) September 16, 2002; and 2) June 4, 2002 from a redacted source asking the U.S. Government for information concerning this gentleman. The cable states "Post may use the talking points in paragraph 3 with the GOQ who is exerting pressure for additional information on subject detainee. Post should not respond in writing nor confirm that the individual is at Guantanamo." Paragraph 3 talking points state: "personal information on detainees may only be shared with host governments"; "individuals transferred to Guantanamo are deemed o pose a continuing threat to the United States and international peace and security and are being detained on the same basis and under the same status as other detainees held in connection with our military operations"; and "All detainees are being treated humanely. Representatives from the international Committee of the Red Cross are present at Guantanamo Bay.” Among other points to be made.