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CID Report (Death): 0061-04-CID789-83992

Nov. 11, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 154
Detainees brought Fawaz Badaa Najem's body to gate at Abu Ghraib during the night after hearing him gasping. He had been otherwise well and had no medical history. The investigation established probable cause to believe that detainee Najem died after being found unresponsive on his cot at night at Abu Ghraib. The cause and manner of death were found to be undetermined after an autopsy was conducted. CID personnel saw no signs of trauma or injury upon initial notification (although autopsy noted small bruises in abdominal area and left arm (p. 14)). Review of medical records found no possible contributors to Najem's death. Najem received emergency care consistent with that of a cardiac arrest. An email included in the report instructs the investigators to "dig up what he was doing, subjected to re: interrogations, etc the days prior to his death" (p. 20). Guards who were interviewed stated that they did not recall any anusual activity by Najem (p. 25). No interviews of camp detainees were conducted except with the initial witness. Investigation closed following determination that "all leads were pursued."
  • 2004-06-14, Abu Ghraib (Baghdad Correctional Facility (BCCF)), Iraq, Death
    • Fawaz Badaa Najem, a 42-year-old male Iraqi civilian, was in U.S. custody at the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility in Abu Ghraib, Iraq. By report, he began making gasping sounds, which awoke another detainee. The decedent was found to be unresponsive and pulseless. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. The autopsy report indicates that there was no significant trauma to explain the death, although there were minor contusions (bruises) to the abdomen and left arm. The report concludes that neither the manner of death nor the cause of death could be determined.