After September 11, 2001, U.S. officials authorized the cruel treatment and torture of prisoners held in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo, and the CIA's secret prisons overseas.

This database documents the U.S. government's official experiment with those techniques. At present, the database contains well over 100,000 pages of government documents obtained primarily through Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the ACLU. To learn more about the database, please read the About and Search Help pages. If you're a developer, you can also access this data through our API.

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This document is an email sent on June 7, 2006, from [redacted] to [redacted] regarding Dr. Mitchell's 7 June Meeting with the DCI. In the previous release of this document (on June 13, 2016), the name "Dr. Mitchell" was also redacted in the ...
Sept. 30, 2016
James Mitchell , George W. Bush, Michael Hayden
Stress positions, Other Humiliation
This document is a CIA Memo drafted for the Deputy Director for Operations via the Associate Deputy Director for Operations/Counterintelligence. The previous release of this document (on June 13, 2016) included more redactions such as Bruce ...
This document, prepared by the Chief of Medical Services, summarizes and reflects upon the rendition, detention and interrogation program. The findings include that in a particular no evidence was found that the use of waterboard produced ...
This internal CIA email correspondence from June 2003 discusses the potential tasking for IC psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen and concerns about their role as contractors.
Sept. 20, 2016
Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell
Abu Zubaydah
EIT, SERE, Use of water, Waterboarding
June 13, 2016
Non-legal Memo
Attorney General