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This document is a fax from John Rizzo to Steven Bradbury containing Mr. Rizzo's draft Q&A responses for an upcoming hearing on detention and interrogation.

This document was faxed from the CIA to Steven Bradbury (OLC). It describes the CIA's technique of "horizontal sleep deprivation," wherein a detainee is placed on a large blanket on the floor and chained such that he cannot sleep. ...

Refers to Revised AG talkers on interrogation. Attaches draft talkers (MEJAStatus, AGtalkers.interrogations3, A3 Enemy Combatants v41, AGtalkers.olcadvice, MEJAjurisdiction, PrisonAbuse status, AG-Issue-Paper-Interrogations, McColter Armstrong ...

Refers to FBI Caproni draft testimony for a 07-14-04 hearing re the Critical Need for Interrogation in the Global War on Terrorism. No attachments provided. Text entirely redacted.

Refers to Revised AG talkers (talking points) on interrogation for a discussion. The attached documents are "McCotter mstrong Points," "Iraq Points," "Iraq Corrections Points," and "Afghanistan."