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Memo, among other things, describes the U.S. government's application of the Geneva Convention with respect to the War on Terrorism and differentiates the U.S. government's treatment of detainees from the Iraq's treatment of American detainees.
Most of the emails are completely redacted. The emails that are not redacted, discuss the U.S. government's grant of protection to anti-Tehran groups in Iraq.
Emails discuss and include various news articles, one Reuters article is entitled: "US grants protection for anti-Tehran group in Iraq." The articles report that the United States gave 3,800 Iranian rebels at the Ashraf base in Iraq protected ...
Emails between Joseph Ereli and Rhonda Shore re: 07-26-04 Taken Questions from Daily Press Briefing. The initial email from Edgar Vasques has the list of Q's asked at the daily press briefing. Mr. Ereli's email has the comment "ok, but today's ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Joseph A. Ereli
Rhonda H. Shore
Joseph A. Ereli, Rhonda H. Shore, Joshua L. Dorosin, Edgar J. Vasquez, Julie M. Reside
Emails discuss revisions to a document(s). No relevant text. [Document not included].
Dec. 30, 2004
Charles L. Daris, Rhonda H. Shore, JoAnn J. Dolan, Gregory W. Sullivan, Edward R. Cummings