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State Department cover sheet for delivery of documents re: PCC Meeting on Detainees
State Department email forwarded by JoAnn Dolan from Robert Harris concerning Human Rights Watch report critical of U.S. Action in Afghanistan. Mr. Harris' email has the comment "Human Rights Watch in the past few days issued a highly critical ...
Cover page for document to be delivered to administration personnel concerning the January 22, 2004 PCC meeting on detainees.
June 08, 2005
Non-legal Memo
Bruce Swartz, Pierre-Richard Prosper, JoAnn J. Dolan, William Howard Taft, IV, Eliana Davidson, John B. Wiegmann
White House Fax Cover Sheet re: Summary of Conclusions for 11-10-03 PCC on Detainees. No additional information. No attachments.
Email from Jonathan Crock to JoAnn Dolan re "Saudi cable" sent to DOD. Doc not listed in DOS log.
Email clearing post release
Email from Ronald W. Miller to Donna Boltz, Leeann Bormand and Eliana Davidson re: Final Fact Sheet for PD Package with the comment "For everyone's review/comment. Simply took DoD cleared PAG and incorporated into fact sheet requested by NSC at ...
Email asking for clearance and comments from the Bureau of Counter terrorism.
Dec. 30, 2004
Ronald W. Miller
David L. Scott | JoAnn J. Dolan
Ronald W. Miller, JoAnn J. Dolan, Charles L. Daris, Eliana Davidson
Emails refer to a draft cable. [The more recent email is redacted; document is not included].