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A letter from Scott Muller, general counsel of the CIA, to John Yoo, OLC, enclosing a list of legal principles applicable to the CIA's detention and interrogation of detainees, including the use of the "enhanced interrogation ...

Emails discuss and include John Yoo's Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled "Terrorists Have No Geneva Rights."
Dec. 30, 2004
John C. Yoo, David P. Stewart, JoAnn J. Dolan, Harry R. Melone, George W. Bush

Email from Jason Callen, law clerk to Judge Frank Easterbrook, Seventh Circuit, to Jack Goldsmith and forwarded or blind-copied to Lawan Robinson, Confidential Assistant to the Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice, Office of Legal ...

Sept. 19, 2005
Jason Callen
Jack L. Goldsmith
John C. Yoo, Jack L. Goldsmith, Lawan Robinson, Jason W. Callen

This fax contains a response letter to The Human Rights watch Ex. Dir. Kenneth Roth addressing his points made in an earlier letter to Sec. Def. Rumsfeld about releasing Taliban armed forces from Guantanamo since the war in Afghanistan is ...

This CIA cable states that Rizzo, Bellinger, Gonzales, and Yoo have been briefed on the interrogation plan for Abu Zubaydah and all approve. The cable also mentions the IC SERE Psychologists managing the psychological aspects of Abu Zubaydah's ...
Dec. 20, 2016
John B. Bellinger, III, Alberto R. Gonzales, John A. Rizzo, John Yoo
Abu Zubaydah
This legal memorandum from John Yoo to Alberto Gonzales addresses treaties and laws applicable to the conflict in Afghanistan and the treatment of persons captured by U.S. armed forces. The memorandum concludes that these treaties do not protect ...
Aug. 31, 2016
Legal Memo
John C. Yoo
Alberto R. Gonzales
John C. Yoo, Alberto R. Gonzales, Robert J. Delahunty
This CIA cable requests SERE psychologists' comments on the proposed enhanced interrogation techniques waterboarding and mock burial for the next interrogation of Abu Zubaydah. The cable specifically asks for the psychologists' comments on the ...
Dec. 20, 2016
John Yoo
Abu Zubaydah
SERE, Use of water, Waterboarding, Mock Burial, Threat
This document is a list of past OLC advice on interrogation dated October 2, 2007.
Index of DOJ advice on interrogations, including OLC memos, letters, testimony.