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Email from Ronald Miller to Jeremy Caddel re: clearance for memo to Kabul from Prosper and Grossman. Mr. Miller's comments are "Amb Prosper spoke with U/S Grossman earlier today about sending this out under his name. Need your immediate clearance ...
Email between Jonathan Crock, Jeremy Caddel et al re Bagram 4 cable and "providing cash to these individuals." Mr. Crocks comments are "For your clearance. Here's another one Amb. Prosper wants to go out today. Here we're also looking for your ...
Emails between Torkel L. Patterson, Jeremy D. Caddel, Timothy E. Wilder and Jonathan M. Crock re: Clearance Request: Bagram 4 cable. Mr. TPatterson's comments are "Thanks Jeremy. PIs see my edits. Most are cosmetic (i.e., is it Bagram Detention ...
Dec. 17, 2004
Torkel L. Patterson
Jeremy D. Caddel | Timothy E. Wilder
Torkel L. Patterson, Jeremy D. Caddel, Jonathan M. Crock
Email from Diana Valderrama to Jonathan Crock and Ronald W. Miller in response to the Embassy in Mexico City requesting guidance in answering an Amnesty International inquiry on the treatment of detainees who are children. Ms. Valderrama's ...
Dec. 17, 2004
Diana Valderrama
Jonathan M. Crock | Ronald W. Miller
Christopher N. Camponovo, Jonathan M. Crock, Ronald W. Miller