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This is an NCIS investigation in to the shooting death of detainee Haskem Shefi Abdullah at the Entry Control Point 5 (ECP-5), Fallujah, Iraq on September 20, 2005. The Report states that as a US Marine was guarding Mr. Abdullah, and while the ...
Jan. 21, 2011
Investigative File (NCIS), Letter, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Haskem Shefi Abdullah
Physical assault
This is a CID report in to the death of detainee Rashid Salman Mohammad Al Ghurairi while being transported following his arrest at his home near Kalsu, Iraq on November 13, 2005. It is reported that Mr. Al Ghurairi suffered an apparent cardiac ...
This is a CID investigation into the death of Zaidan Kalaf Hassan, an Iraqi civilian who was shot during a search of his residence. It is reported that after the members of "A" Company, 1-8 Infantry breached the outer gates of Mr. Hassan's ...
Jan. 14, 2011
Legal Memo, Chart/List, Investigative File (CID), Letter, Notes, Photograph, Medical (Autopsy, Death Certificate), Interview (Statement, Summaries/Notes), Judicial (Affidavit/Declaration)
Zaidan Kalaf Hassan
Physical assault