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This Letter Contract signifies the Government's intention to "negotiate and definitize" a formal contract with Mitchell, Jessen and Associates (MJA). The Letter Contract provides that MJA may proceed with the tasks identified in the "Statement of ...
Nov. 23, 2016
Mitchell | Jessen | & Associates
This report details the investigation into the death of Gul Rahman. This re-released report includes a description of psychologist Bruce Jessen and his role in the interrogation of Gul Rahman. A version of this document was re-released in ...

CIA email describing an unidentified official's visit to the Office of the Inspector General to review a draft Report of Investigation. 

CIA printout of 10 U.S.C 892, Art. 92, describing punitive military justice for armed forces personnel accused of failing to obey orders or regulations.
This is a letter from the Acting CIA Assistant Inspector General for Investigations to a doctor for potentially retaining them as a medical expert in the upcoming trial of David Anthony Passaro. Mr. Passaro was a CIA contractor charged with four ...
Mar. 11, 2011
David Anthony Passaro, David A. Passaro
This is a CIA Routing Slip for the distribution of a October 25, 2005 letter from Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Ranking Member SASC, requesting a copy of the Inspector General report on its investigation of CIA personnel involvement in abuse of ...
Mar. 11, 2011
Non-legal Memo
Carl Levin

A cable sent from Jose Rodriguez, the CIA's Deputy Director for Operations, to a CIA "black site" authorizing the destruction of 92 videotapes of interrogations that took place in 2002.

Apr. 15, 2010
Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr.
Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr.

This document was faxed from the CIA to Steven Bradbury (OLC). It describes the CIA's technique of "horizontal sleep deprivation," wherein a detainee is placed on a large blanket on the floor and chained such that he cannot sleep. ...

CIA printout of 10 U.S.C 918, Art. 118, describing the military definition of, and punishments for, murder.
This is a CIA memo CIA concerning the declassification of information relating to the death of Abid Hamad Mahawish Al-Mahalawi.
Legal Memo
Abid Hamad Mahawish Al-Mahalawi