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The document is part 13 of the Office of Inspector General 02/18/2005 request for documents, but the document is entirely redacted.
This document is an email to the FBI asking for help with a project at GTMO. The project is the build town homes with "culturally correct" decor to reward detainees who are highly cooperative. The email also states that Intel Officer Lt. Col. ...
This memo is designed to inform and instruct members of the 1st Force Service Support Group on the collection and handling of Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and other Detainees. The memo includes the Geneva Convention and supporting ...
Powerpoint presentation gives details of the Geneva Conventions, and the 5 S's (Search, Silence, Segregate, Safeguard and Speed to the rear).
Paper outlines answers to possible questions regarding the two recent deaths at Bagram detention facility. The deaths occurred on 12/03/2002 and 12/10/2002. Both bodies underwent autopsy performed by an international medical team.
DOD PowerPoint presentation on Guantanamo's states that the facility is a "Long-term holding facility for detention of enemy combatants" and gives a brief descriptions of detainees and the initiatives being undertaken at the camp to ensure the ...
Medical Encyclopedia - Information on anal fissures.
The index lists this document as: MG Dunlavey Request dtd 11 October 2002.
The index lists this document as: Gen. Hill Forward to CJCS dtd 25 October 2002.
The index lists this document as: SECDEF Approval Letter dtd 02 Dec 02.