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Two (2) suspects in the theft from the Iraqi National Guard (ING) Training Camp at Camp Junction City, allege being abused while in custody. Both suspects provided facts "proven to be false and established patterns of not providing the truth". ...
Memo summarizes the interview of a Camp Delta detainee. The interview was conducted by two Special Agents with the FBI and NCIS. The detainee was questioned specifically about his capture by the Northern Alliance (some of the detainee's accounts ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Physical assault, General, Cramped confinement, Other
This investigative report was generated by the Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) Report of Investigative Activity and the interview of the detainee at Camp Delta was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Navy Naval ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Investigative File, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Physical assault, General, Cramped confinement