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This is a CID investigation into the reported abuse and death of an unknown Iraqi male at Theater Internment Facility (TIF), Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr, Iraq. The person making the claim is a Staff Sergeant (SSGT) who has worked at the facility on or ...
Jan. 14, 2011
Investigative File (CID), Interview (Statement, Summaries/Notes)
Physical assault, General, Stress positions, Cramped confinement, Isolation
On 24 Dec 2003 American forces raided a house in the Slaikh Alrabee neighborhood of Baghdad. The men inside were taken in to custody with blindfolds and cuffed behind their backs. The men allege that during their arrest they were abused by being ...
Military Police Investigative Report in to allegations of a soldier in Afghanistan pointing a gun at the head of a restrained detainee. The soldier offered a statement in which he states 1) the gun was a BB gun and not his service weapon; and 2) ...
Apr. 05, 2005
Investigative File (CID)
Threat, Assault/death, Stress positions