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Interviewee was the Deputy CJ2 (length of assignment unknown). Interviewee provided that he/she was made aware of the following incidents: a detainee was walked back to his cell in the nude. The interviewee stated that he/she learned of the ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Thomas Pappas, Barbara G. Fast, Janis Leigh Karpinski
Physical assault, General, Stress positions, Use of phobias, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual
Memo describes a telephonic interview of [redacted]. The interviewee was assigned to AG from approximately the first week of June 2003 to September 21, 2003 as a Liaison Officer. Interviewee stated that she knew detainees were stripped during ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Statement, Summaries/Notes)
Barbara G. Fast
Stress positions, Nudity

This report discusses an investigation into the alleged abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility. The investigation was ordered initially by LTG Ricardo S. Sanchez, Commander, Combined Joint Task Force Seven (CJTF-7). LTG Sanchez ...